The McCarthys

MJ brought a box of “gift art” from Bill White. They had sat together in Unk’s log cabin, carefully identifying and marking the names and relationships of hundreds of family photos. MJ loaned me the box, and this post is the result. The lead photo is of Michael McCarthy, “grandfather of John White, William White, Mercedes (White)Stoddard, father of Esther (McCarthy) White. Died at 57 in 1890.”

The genealogy chart below illustrates the McCarthy family tree through Patricia:

MJ, Juanita and Tishla are the living repositories of the White family heritage. I hope they find time and interest to add to this post.

Many of the photos can be identified by the file name. When Gayle Dennis was alive, I often asked her to write down her recollections of the people and places she visited. She agreed to write, and those words are now all the more precious with the passage of time.

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