Eclipse wedding

MJ, Tishla and I traveled from Tucson to Avalon in August, to celebrate Katy and Matt’s wedding. Then we drove northeast from the ferry port, and camped among the juniper and bristlecone pines, near Bishop. We shared the total eclipse of the sun with friends at the foot of the Idaho Tetons, a very special event.

After the eclipse, we pointed the truck southeast, exploring the four corner region’s diverse geography and geology, petroglyphs and pueblo cultures. I’ve attached a select collection of photos I took along our journey. Many of the best shots were taken by Tishla or MJ. I hope you enjoy this visual family history, the wedding of Katy and Matt Myers, August 12, 2017 and the total eclipse on August 21. Continue reading “Eclipse wedding”

Taste of Nogales

Ninety miles down the road from Tucson is the Mexican city of Nogales. Parking is $4, the walk across the border takes five minutes. Stop at the Duty Free shop before you enter Mexico- the Don Julio is only $15 per fifth. The easiest border crossing between Arizona and the Pacific Ocean, our day trip to Nogales was smooth and mellow — like a fine mezcal. Join us. Continue reading “Taste of Nogales”

A Solar Event

Mari led us out to Oro Valley, and the Catalina State Park. The Park hosted a solar event, consisting of a potluck and dozens of ovens scattered around the group campsite. We arrived early to avoid the noon day sun and heat. Our first stop at an informal outdoor kitchen rewarded each of us with a dixie cup of chili, warmed by the sun, and the ghost peppers. A casual event, it provided confirmation, beyond our happy stomachs, that Tishla knows most of the tricks of solar cooking. Continue reading “A Solar Event”

Pima County Fair

Last week, we took in the local fair in Tucson. I like fairs – I remember carrying Tabitha on my shoulders when we visited Humboldt County, and the fair in Ferndale. She must have been only three or four years old. This time it was three adults, no shoulder-rides. We walked down the Pima Fair midway, past the squirt guns and kewpie dolls. Fair food was foremost on our list: Mari tried a Thai Indian taco, she bought me a frybread churro. Tishla and I inhaled the barbeque roast beast, washed down with warm suds. Good fun! Continue reading “Pima County Fair”

Islands of Catalina and Dejima

This is a tale of two posts combined into one. The first section recounts our journey back from La Paz to San Diego, from Catalina Island to the Catalina Mountains. In the second half of this update, I model Dejima island in Nagasaki, Japan using Blender. Despite appearances, I’ve been updating the blog regularly with drafts of Sanghyang, now through Chapter 11. Until next month.
Continue reading “Islands of Catalina and Dejima”

Recent events in Mexico

Two months ago, Mari, Tish and I were hiking up from the eroded beach of Playa del Carmén, past the Blue Parrot restaurant and its iconic bar swing seats. We considered the menu, and moved on — we were looking for “classy” that evening. In the early morning of January 16, 2017, a lone gunman opened fire at the Blue Parrot, killing five patrons, including three security guards. One of many reports read like this from Mexico News Daily, published 01/19/17: Drugs and extortion in Playa del Carmen, Shooting shines a light on the dark underbelly of the popular tourist destination. Continue reading “Recent events in Mexico”