Prototype destroyer model

Steve at CGGeek produced a two-part series on modeling a starship destroyer, and these are my results. The most challenging part of the model was practicing clean technique. Small imperfections in my models required me to start over three times. The key concept here is the use of microdisplacement in Blender, a topic Andrew Price discussed in his rope model. Undamped displacement distorted my models. Read more below. Continue reading “Prototype destroyer model”

Islands of Catalina and Dejima

This is a tale of two posts combined into one. The first section recounts our journey back from La Paz to San Diego, from Catalina Island to the Catalina Mountains. In the second half of this update, I model Dejima island in Nagasaki, Japan using Blender. Despite appearances, I’ve been updating the blog regularly with drafts of Sanghyang, now through Chapter 11. Until next month.
Continue reading “Islands of Catalina and Dejima”

WordPress migration in Sierra

Many of my Code category posts have focused on Blender for 3D modeling and Unity for game development. The underlying “presentation” software for the posts is WordPress, a CMS masquerading as a web dev IDE. Recently, we’ve been traveling, which has restricted my access to a hardware platform capable of supporting Blender and Unity. Once in awhile, I would pull my desktop PC out of storage; I’ve brought it to Mexico, but its not camp-hardened. Tishla bought me a laptop for my birthday, but the real adventure lay ahead, in the migration of WordPress. Continue reading “WordPress migration in Sierra”

Video poetics

Copyright 2016, Naughty Dog and Sony Entertainment

Mythos, ethos, opsis, the essential elements of Aristotelian drama, all appear in any great work of literature, be that a play, a novel, or..a video game. For the past few days, I’ve been researching AAA-level video games. My explorations have focused on plot-character-spectacle constructs. I choose not to invest in consoles, or high-end PC’s, although that may change. Instead, I prefer to review and study top tier games by watching the best gamers and their gameplay. Continue reading “Video poetics”

Tuscan villa in Blender

In the gardens of the Rucellai, known as the Orti Oricellai, in Florence, Italy, Machiavelli first presented his republican treatise, “The Discourses.” As part of a lifelong interest in the classics and philosphy, I began to explore a virtual meeting between Machiavelli and Botero, set in the hills of San Cascaino. I recently had an opportunity to visit Tuscany and the region nearby, which inspired this post and work. The attached renderings depict Machiavelli’s house, the locale I intend for the meeting of these two political philosphers. This post shares some of my sketches and renders. Continue reading “Tuscan villa in Blender”

Unity first person shooter technique

This post describes a Unity first person shooter technique that I use to get rolling quickly. In previous posts, including Firing Range, Mecanim details, First Level Enemy AI, Spawn Nine Enemies, Weapon switching and elsewhere, I describe similar or additional elements I use in building Unity FPS games, or portions thereof. The Unity project I describe in this video is zipped below, so you can sit back, relax, and watch the movie, or go straight to riffing off the included project. Continue reading “Unity first person shooter technique”

Blueprint in Blender

Smess Video in Fall 2013 presented twelve intense minutes on how to create a blueprint in Blender. His technique is a Blender render mode technique. Once understood, the whole process sets up and renders in under ten minutes. For this post, I’ve chosen my rook/castle mesh model to blueprint. Further refinements could include lettering, enumeration of tolerances and dimensions, and 3D animations that go from “flat” blueprint to rotated 3D blueprint. I can imagine some set scene vids in Unity that would be descriptive and cool-looking. Continue reading “Blueprint in Blender”