Allison notebooks: Book Two

This post consists of transcriptions of the second pocket notebook from the Allison box. As with the first book found in the box of Allison biographical data, most of the writings are by Dr. E.A. Harper. In the first book, Charles Harper makes an appearance. An editing note: I correct most typos, and introduce a few of mine own. Occassionally, I will insert a sic while preserving original spelling. It’s a balancing act which I hope gives you the flavor of the writing while making it more intelligible to 21st century readers. Continue reading “Allison notebooks: Book Two”

A Solar Event

Mari led us out to Oro Valley, and the Catalina State Park. The Park hosted a solar event, consisting of a potluck and dozens of ovens scattered around the group campsite. We arrived early to avoid the noon day sun and heat. Our first stop at an informal outdoor kitchen rewarded each of us with a dixie cup of chili, warmed by the sun, and the ghost peppers. A casual event, it provided confirmation, beyond our happy stomachs, that Tishla knows most of the tricks of solar cooking. Continue reading “A Solar Event”

Biography of Allison Family

Greg Adamson pulled a box from his trunk in the parking lot of the Harper General store. He and Marsha had examined their purchases from eBay in detail, before this meeting in Seneca Falls, West Virginia. The biography data for the Allisons was neatly folded into a used checkbook box – Greg’s. I’ve exhausted the document scans (not the photos!), and I’m now sifting through the actual documents themselves. Note that I have highlighted several transcriptions to separate them from my comments. Join me as I explore the first tranch of primary source documents. Continue reading “Biography of Allison Family”

Francis and Ella Blanc

My paternal grandmother, Ethel E. Blanc, was the eighth and youngest child of Rev. Francis L. Blanc and Ella E. Worth. As I waited on the tarmac at the Portland airport in 2007, I began to browse Skywest, the eponymous magazine of United Airlines regional carrier, when I happened upon an article about Julian. This post is a collection of images and documents from the Blancs, originally of Lausanne, Switzerland. Continue reading “Francis and Ella Blanc”

December desert

Dr. E.A. Harper was trained in medicine at Winchester College in Virginia. His reports of humidity, wind and general weather conditions provide a valuable historical record for the mountains and deserts of Eastern San Diego County at the beginning of the 20th century. These details also say much about his interests and observation skills, honed in the sciences. In this post, he and Sarah find the lost cattle, and ride the Oriflamme range. For an historian, this letter is another piece of the family history. Enjoy. Continue reading “December desert”

Allene Haigler Dye’s letter from Missouri

This post contains a collection of letters from the Harper and Blanc family histories. This post, and other like it, represent the second step in sifting through and collating these primary historical resources. I purchased most of these family records from my cousins, Marsha Fuller and Greg Adamson; they bought them off eBay, an astute and kind purchase. Continue reading “Allene Haigler Dye’s letter from Missouri”

The Old Yank

The following poem was written by William R. White as a serviceman in India supporting the war in China, against Japan. Written in 1945, at the age of 29, he requested in his will that it be read at his funeral. In 2006, I had the honor of reciting his poem, and acting as a pall bearer. He received an open casket Mass and 21 gun salute at his funeral. Unk, as he was affectionately known, was a key member of our family, and we celebrate his memory in his own words. Continue reading “The Old Yank”

Three letters

On August 6, Dr. E. A. Harper wrote his daughter-in-law a letter. Penned in 1902, it is one of the last texts of this San Diego pioneer, who passed away in 1903. Clearly, he was fond of his daughter-in-law. The second text is from Amby Harper (WV cousin) to Julius Dickey. The third transcription is from Dr. Harper to his sons in California. The second and third letters were written in 1889. These transcriptions are intended for family and family historians. I hope you find them interesting. Continue reading “Three letters”