Gayle Dennis Harper interment

We gathered at Mt. Hope Cemetery on Saturday, October 14th, 2017 to inter Gayle Dennis Harper. Present were Tishla, Ellen, Peter and Harper Damore, Matt Myers and Katy Harper Myers. My mother was interred in the same crypt as Ethel Elizabeth Harper, my paternal grandmother. Gayle and Ethel enjoyed many hours and years of sharing family history, so the site seemed appropriate. I said a few words, which follow. Continue reading “Gayle Dennis Harper interment”

Eclipse wedding

MJ, Tishla and I traveled from Tucson to Avalon in August, to celebrate Katy and Matt’s wedding. Then we drove northeast from the ferry port, and camped among the juniper and bristlecone pines, near Bishop. We shared the total eclipse of the sun with friends at the foot of the Idaho Tetons, a very special event.

After the eclipse, we pointed the truck southeast, exploring the four corner region’s diverse geography and geology, petroglyphs and pueblo cultures. I’ve attached a select collection of photos I took along our journey. Many of the best shots were taken by Tishla or MJ. I hope you enjoy this visual family history, the wedding of Katy and Matt Myers, August 12, 2017 and the total eclipse on August 21. Continue reading “Eclipse wedding”


The Sonoran Desert transitioned from 116°F days in late June to monsoonal rains in the span of three weeks. We experienced daily highs of over 100°F and less than 10% humidity for twenty days straight. Mid-July now, and thunderstorms are the daily norm. Areal monsoon rains result from moisture from the Sea of Cortés and Pacific Ocean streaming across the Mexican Sonoran into the Southwest. Continue reading “Monsoon”

Julius Richard Harper

On June 5th, 2017, (Julius) Richard Harper passed away in Prescott Valley, Arizona. He was 81. The great-grandson of Dr. Eli Akim Harper, he was a native of San Diego County. He graduated from Escondido High School, and later graduated from the Harbor Police Academy in San Diego. He served for 21 years with the Harbor Patrol, reputedly one of their finest harbor pilots. Continue reading “Julius Richard Harper”